Thursday, January 13, 2005


So, it’s official: Connex has a new Logo! The question is: Is CONNEX making a REBRANDING?
Or this is not a true CONNEX REBRANDING?

Strangely, it seems that they are not seeing this change as a REBRANDING but just as ‘a refreshment of the old logo’…;-)

And it seems that is their official position until now, since their PR Director, Lidia Solomon told somebody from that “we are not doing a rebranding […] It is just a refreshment of the Connex logo and we are very pleased to preview it in our Christmas cards.”

Click Here to find and read one of the best reviews of this ‘new brand face-lift’… from the

As you remember, I’ve posted about The Connex Rebranding a few days ago…

The questions I have are these:

1. Is it really the Spanish office of Saffron (the Wally Olins affiliate...)who did the Connex rebranding?
2. Is it a Rebranding or just a refreshment of the Connex logo?
3. If it is a rebranding, as I and many brand professionals think, is there a Campaign that will promote or at least announce it to the public?
4. Do you like the old or the new logo better? You can see them both here.

Maybe they (Connex) want to be seen and perceived as friendlier, rounder, simpler, and to promote a more personal, on-to-one coNNection and relationship.

But is it the new logo too simple, less powerful, less known and less recognized?

And if there will be no rebranding campaign and more than that, no PUBLIC OFFICIAL press release or announcement… how will the public react?
What about brand awareness? And what about brand equity?

And what about the Connex motto?

If you remember they had Connex – “Viitorul suna bine” / “The Future sounds good“ which, at least in my opinion was to close to the Orange’s “The Future is bright”.

Not so long ago Connex had a great Campaign (I liked it a lot) called “Tu faci viitorul” / “You make the future”. The Campaign launched what I say as their new philosophy and motto: Connex – “Tu faci viitorul”. Click here to download some of their TV spots and adds.

Now they have a new Campaign called “Connex pentru viitor” / “Connex for the future” – they will donate 1 cent for every 10 calls made in their network for…”o Romanie mai buna” / “a better Romania”.

In an artcile published on the front page of ZF, Ken Campbell, Marketing Manager Connex, explains that research has shown that logos with slogans attached are not trendy anymore. It seems the Connex logo proved to be powerful enough to sustain itself without a slogan. And that’s why they gave up to their “Tu faci viitorul” slogan.

Connex redesigned their site and their logo but there is no comment about it on their new website. And, as far as I know, there is not an add about it also! Just the ZF article I've told you about.

I guess Ted Lattimore (The Connex COO) and the guys from Saffron had a clear strategy and they have clear objectives about this new Identity.

You are wellcome to comment...

And I can’t wait to understand it from the source!

So Ted? Ken? Lidia? Hanny? We are waiting… ;-)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Let’s do something while we can!

Remember MONISA?!

Our colleague we wanted to help? She needs 50.000 for a special surgical operation in Germany…and we are her only hope for life.

I found out that the clock is ticking… IF she doesn’t have the money in one month it might be too late!

What’s one month to you? 30 days…while for her…

Let’s help Monisa enjoy the summer in Medgidia and the Autumn in Bucharest, back to school and to her colleagues and friends.
Let’s do something while we can!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Light a Candle for the Tsunami victims!

Here, on this website, you can light a candle to honor the memory of those who did not survivethe giant tsunamis that shocked the entire world in the last few days of 2004.

If you are interested how many candles had been lit from your country you can find out here!

From Hungary – more than 12.000
From Romania – more than 8.000
From Sweden – more than 5.000
From Switzerland – more than 2.000

Let’s pay our respect and light a virtual candle. This is the least we can do !

Let’s Help Monisa!

Let’s Help Monisa!

!This is a Humanitarian Post!

In my opinion, there is no true 'pure altruism' and pure 'unselfishness'. Why?

When we are so called 'altruists', when we are 'generous' we do things for the others. We CARE for the others!

And we do it because we WANT TO! Voluntarily… It’s something that we do for the others because we want to and because we feel good doing it!

Something called “The HELPER’S HIGH”… when we can help somebody who is in need, we feel good about ourselves. It's not just some feeling or is realy chemistry in our body!

We do something for the others but we’re doing for ourselves in the same time, either we realize that or not!

Let’s HELP MONISA! She is (I refuse to say was!!) an ECONOSOFIA member!
Her wings were broke last year when she found out that she has a hard illness, a tumor of the clival region of the skull bas, a chorndrosarcoma, this is the diagnostic put by the specialists. The tumor is very large so that the brainstem is already compressed. This kind of tumor is very rare, that's why only few doctors could operate.

After long time, her parents found a hospital in Hanover – Germany , where exists specialists who operate the tumor. The problem is the costs which are very expensive - 50.000 euro.

How can you help Monisa? Find more here!

God Bless!

Monday, January 10, 2005

They used to be children!

Have you ever heard of Kurt Cobain? Nirvana was and still remains one of my favorite bands (I love the Unplugged in New York album)…

Another song I like to listen these days is ‘Cry Baby’… and all Janis Joplin’s songs… I simply love the definition of freedom she gives in “Me and Bobby McGee”:
“Freedom ‘s just another word for... nothing left to lose!”

And although I listen and enjoy many styles of music (depending on my mood and on the atmosphere, etc…) I can say that at the base, I am some sort of a ‘rocker’.

So…Nirvana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Scar Tissue is amazing… ), Aerosmith, the old Guns N Roses and the older Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Black Sabath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, The Doors, Cream or Beatles are legends that you’ll always find in my play list and my heart…

Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Flea, Axl Rose, Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne, Paul McCartney, John Lenon, Eric Clapton, Jim Morrison, Ian Gillan, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Kirk Hammet, James Hetfield or Lars Urlich are some rockers I admire…

And before becoming stars and even legends, they used to be unknown and …’just like us’...and they used to be children!

HERE you can see some pictures with some famous rockers when they were children.

I can not bet on the authenticity of all these pictures but the web page is a must visit… (Thanks to Mangafaua…)
Oh, you must see Merlyn Manson as a child! ;-) (one with his family...) And you must see Lars Urlich and Kurt and all of them, man! And listen to some good music from time to time! You diserve it!

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