Wednesday, October 13, 2004


We're starting...

We're haveing fun...

And we have some Projects...

Working united TEAM

Always trusting and supporting eachother...

We share our thoughts and feelings...

We take some pictures...

And then we have to go home...

The MindSmith TEAM BUILDING Services

Get ready for some extraordinary team building challenges that require your people to explore creative solutions, practice and improve working as a team - in a fun and unforgettable atmosphere.

The MindSmith Group offers you the widest range of team building activities – from some indoor training to the well known rope courses.

We are ready to travel throughout Romania and internationally, and we can handle groups starting from 10 to 200 persons.

Our ‘Team Building Camps’ are specially designed in order to help the group understand the problems that block effective communication and resource sharing and to take action and avoid them. As a result we get your team to work together more effectively, enjoying their day to day activities.

Our Team Building Solutions are always tailored for the Client Company and team.

We custom tailor any activity to work with your objectives. We don't try to sell you something just for the sake of making a sale. It has to fit with your goals!

We will customize the Team Building activities, presentations, and training modules in order to meet the exact needs and objective of the customer.

We can develop full Team Building Camps (with transport, accommodation, meals, training & team building services included) or provide only the added value of our team building services at your location.

We use the experiential learning process which produces results faster than any other form of learning.

The special MindSmith Team Building approach is based on the ‘Activity - Debriefing’ modules using a simple and efficient model called EIAG.
THE MindSmith EIAG Team Building Aproach:

EXPERIENCE – first the team faces some challenges that require people to explore, practice and improve working as a team in different situations.

IDENTIFICATION – after the ‘team building game or activity’ we identify a specific behavior or a specific incident that happened during the group activity.

ANALYZATION – then the trainer leads the group exploring the effects of that specific behavior or incident. We start from the each individual internal reaction, analyze the individual external reaction and behavior and share some individual assumptions and conclusions.

GENERALISATION – after the group experienced a challenging situation, analyzed their behavior and results, draw some conclusion and discovered some ‘best practices’ for that situation, our trainer helps the group to generalize and transfer their conclusions for the specific team building activity to some real world situations. This is the part when every person involved in the team building realize what and how much he/she has learned from the specific, sometimes ‘weird’ activity.
We help people know themselves and the other team members better and to discover themselves in out of the ordinary situations.

We use highly trained facilitators with backgrounds in business, team building, organizational development, HR and education.

We help companies produce business results over and over and over again. Because we are the MindSmiths…


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