Thursday, September 22, 2005

Protest action! Don't buy petrol or gas on October the 1st 2005!

I am back with a VERY IMPORTANT POST:

This is a protest against the outrageous prices for oil and oil derivates products. This post urges you NOT to buy gas, petrol or any petrol derivates products on the 1st of October 2005.

Saturday, October the 1st 2005, nobody should buy gas or petrol!

The continuous and constant growth of the petrol and gas prices is both dangerous and wrong...

This might be one of the last moments we, as consumers, can react and make an impact!

The key Moment is Saturday, October the 1st 2005! You are all invited in this Movement…

If in this day, (October 1, 2005) no Romanian, or no American, no French or no German will buy petrol or gas… our message will be clear enough…

Stop buying petrol, gas or petrol derivates on the 1st of October 2005.

We, as consumers and clients still have the power to influence the market…

It is a 'demand and offer' matter after all…so let’s use our power and stop 'demanding' any kind of petrol or petrol derivates on October the 1st 2005.

Buy petrol or gas…Friday 30 September or Sunday October the 2nd…but please do not buy it on the 1st.

Refuel your car in any day…but not on the 1st of October….

Let’s use our power and let’s work together sending a message to the petrol kings in Romania, in US, in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or anywhere else. Let’s prove them that we are sick and tired to empty our pockets.

Let’s do it while it is still in our power!

Join the Movement!

Announce your friends and family, promote this initiative… if you agree with it.

Be the change you want around you!

Let’s use blogging, instant messengers and emails…

ATTENTION - Don’t spam, just inform your friends, colleagues, partners and family!
And … as simple as that…do not buy petrol, gas or any other petrol derivates on the 1st of October 2005!
Spread the word!


Below you can find just about the same message in Romanian language:

Aceasta este o actiune de protest impotriva preturilor exagerate la benzina, petrol si derivatele din petrol!

Acest mesaj se refera la indemnul general de a nu cumpara benzina pe data de 1 Octombrie 2005.

Cresterea constanta a pretului benzinei creeaza o crestere a tensiunii si presiunii financiare asupra individului.

Acesta ar putea fi ultimul moment in care putem reactiona.

Cu totii sunteti invitati sa participati la aceasta intiativa.

Momentul cheie este 1 Octombrie 2005. Daca in acea zi niciunde nu se va vinde benzina, piata va deveni mai atenta.

Trebuie sa devenim constienti ca avem puterea, ca si consumatori, si ca trebuie doar sa o folosim. Totul se rezuma pana la urma la balanta intre cerere si oferta! Iar cererea suntem noi!

Hai sa folosim bloggingul, instant messengerul si emailul pentru a anunta cat mai multa lume!

NU face insa spam! Acesta nu trebuie sa devina un mesaj iritant, enervant si nedorit!Raspanditi deci vestea cat mai multor persoane insa numai printre cunoscuti!

Si cel mai important...
alimentati cu benzina inainte sau dupa 1 Octombrie, dar nu in acea

Cu aceasta actiune putem demonstra magnatilor petrolului din Romania si de pretutindeni ca milioane de oameni s-au saturat sa-si goleasca buzunarele!!

Participati!! Deveniti voi insiva schimbarea pe care o doriti in jurul vostru!
Nu cumpara benzina sau petrol pe 1 Octombrie!

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