Wednesday, October 13, 2004

TheMindSmith Group

The MindSmith Group is a team of young and dynamic training, coaching and consultants professionals, doing their jobs very well.

We the MindSmiths have university education, work experience, management and communication skills, a positive attitude and a fantastic energy aspiring to satisfy all the wishes of our clients and partners.
We use highly trained consultants and facilitators with backgrounds in business, team building, organizational development, HR and education.

Our purpose is to provide training, team building, coaching and HR consulting services of superior quality and added value in order to improve the life and results of our trainees and to support the client companies in their path towards excellence, maximizing the efficiency and productivity of their workforce.

Our mission is to meet the everyday needs of our client companies and to understand the aspirations of our trainees, in order to respond with special, individualized and quality Training, Teambuilding, Coaching and Consulting services.

We seek to be the best in the industry and at what we do. We learn both from our success and our mistakes. We believe in you and in ourselves and we understand that there is no such thing as ‘failure’, but only results - good or bed results. We strive to achieve the good ones and see the bad ones as just another step towards success. We inspire people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals and we enable them to achieve their highest expectations.

In our consulting approach we realized that even if the customer isn’t always right – it should and must be always treated right.

We assure you that we always work according to our core values and code of ethics ensuring that we offer added value to all our employees, clients and shareholders.

We work with our client organization from the early first assessment to identifying the existing problems, needs and expectation, developing the solution according to the client’s strategy, implementing it and measuring the results.

We never try to sell you something just for the sake of making a sale. It has to fit with your goals!

We want to become your trusted advisors - the MindSmiths forging your future.


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