Saturday, March 18, 2006

A streetcar/tramway called desire…STEAUAvsRAPID

A streetcar/tramway called desireSTEAUAvsRAPID

Will Romania be divided? Does the confrontation between RAPID and STEAUA in the UEFA Quarterfinals will bring Bucharest football fans together or it will deepen their rivalries?

Will we have some sort of segregation in the Bucharest’s Bars and Pubs for the STEAUA vs RAPID match?

Are we – the Romanian fans – ready for a ‘fratricide’ war?

Anyways…we do have our dreamed Romanian final…and we will know for sure what team is better: Steaua or Rapid…We won’t have to compare players, budgets, goals or adversaries to decide if Steaua is better than Rapid…

As in our old traditional fairy tales…on April 6, one eye will laugh and one eye will cry…

And, also from the site, take a look at these two wonderful, emotional and so suggestive pictures: sadness and happiness, defeat vs victory...

Children who live the game with a sincere and unlimited passion…

The show must go on…the players must Perform their Magic... and may the best team bring back home in Bucharest the UEFA TROPHY!

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