Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cognitive Image (Illusion or Reality!?)

Guys, this looks pretty REAL to me too ;-)
- Click on the image for the bigger view -

If you take a look at this two photos above, from your comfy chair, in front of your desktop…you can easily see and recognize:

Mr. ANGRY MAN (the one on the left) and… Mrs. CALM WOMAN (on the right of course!)

NOW, take a few seconds and… stand up from your chair, walk a few steps backwards… or better said… move away from your computer desktop (from your monitor ;-))

Look at the pictures from at least 3 meters away (8 feet)…

IT happened to you 2, right?


It seems that these photos were created by Phillipe G. Schyns and Aude Olivia from the University of Glasgow…

So... DO WE REALLY SEE the REAL 'face of things' and people...!? ;-)

And guys…Deb, Picselutz and all the 'Photoshop masters' out there…can you do this?
Can you create/generate images like these two in Photoshop or other 'cool design and/or photo mastering software'?
It seems that the secret of these pics is that they used some sort of low frequency filters …but how is this possible…

They actually change places…


Only Mr. ANGRY Man and Mrs. CALM Woman might know…

HOW is it possible?

Using a technique they described 1994, Philippe G. Schyns & Aude Oliva (1999) hid 2 faces in one hybrid image: one image was high-pass filtered (≥ 8 cpd), the other low-pass filtered (≤ 2 cpd) [reproduced with kind permission].
With normal vision, the higher spatial frequency image ‘wins’. When blurring the image (by whatever means, walking away in thses case!), only the low-pass image remains.

This method can be applied to many image types, but with a face exchange it seems especially amazing.

Schyns PG, Oliva A (1994) From blobs to boundary edges: Evidence for time and spatial scale dependent scene recognition. Psychol Sci 5:195–200

Schyns PG, Oliva A (1999) Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile: when categorization flexibly modifies the perception of faces in rapid visual presentations. Cognition 69:243–265

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