Thursday, June 30, 2005

HOW MUCH WATER? - we are what we drink...

Did you know…

Blood is 92% water, bones are 22% water, the brain is 75% water, and muscles are 75% water.

This is not a mineral water add…but did you really know that Water also:
- Makes up the majority of every cell in our bodies
- Is the biggest part of our blood and lymph systems, carrying food and oxygen to the cells and carrying away waste
- Helps flush our kidneys to get rid of toxic substances
- Helps balance our electrolytes, which help control our blood pressure
- Helps moistens our eyes, mouth, and nasal passages
- Helps keep the body cool when it is hot and insulates the body from cold
- Acts as a shock absorber to cushion the body’s organs
- Helps lubricate joints and is part of your blood, sweat, tears, and saliva
- Can provide many of the trace minerals our bodies need
It’s SUMMER> It’s hot…it’s almost July…and we do need water.
How much water you should drink depends on several things: the size of your body, how physically active you are, and even the climate – because your body works hard to keep you warm or cool.

As a general guideline, the average person should drink between 1.5 and 2.5 litres (about 1.5 – 2.5 quarts) every day to replace the bodily fluids normally lost throughout the day. This Water Intake Calculator can tell you more about how much water you should drink based on your exercise habits and your current weight.

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