Tuesday, April 26, 2005

MISCOCI in Orange! Should Romania withdraw the troops?

Should we (Romania) withdraw our troops from Iraq after the dead-line from the kidnappers?

I know this is not a question that has an answer!
Either Romania should have or not a military presence in Iraq is a debate and a question to answer, but not with the gun near our forehead.

The US Government do not negotiate with terrorists. And I understand why!!
Come on, have you ever wondered why there was no American journalist kidnapped in Iraq? Maybe they are better guarded or they know how to protect themselves better. But I believe the known fact that the US officials DO NOT NEGOCIATE with the terrorists has a role to play in the terrorists’ strategy and actions.

The four-days term offered by the terrorists who kidnapped the three Romanian journalists expired this afternoon. Now, they gave us 24 hours to think about it! In the last Al Jazeera clip with our kidnapped journalists, the ass-holes gave us a new deadline: Wednesday, 15:00 hours… The worse part is the fact that OVIDIU MISCOCI and also Mohamed Munaf were wearing ORANGE! That can not be good news! In the previews hostages’ executions, the victims were dressed in Orange before their executions!

GOD BLESS! There is still hope!

Should we hope for NEGOTIATIONS? How can we negotiate with some brain-washed Arab terrorists who are responsible for such atrocities as we witnessed in the last months?

All we and the Romanian authorities must think now is: 'How can we take our three Romanians back home alive from there?'

I still think with great hope at the American Special Forces…

But again, should we withdraw our troops from Iraq?
I sometimes think about a scenario when we start the withdrawing until we get them back home and then we send more troops in Iraq! But this could not be done, I guess…;-)

In Romania today, we have our idealists, our humanists and our fighters for Peace who think that Romania must live IRAQ. There are people here, as well in America, who opposes the war!

Starting from the WW II there were many voices who opposed the war with Hitler…people who fought against the Vietnam War etc…
I guess they had a point, of course, but also they were missing something!
HITLER had to be stopped! The Communists had to be stopped! The Arab terrorists have to be stopped!
We can not forgive and/or forget them and live happily ever after! They will finally hunt us, our lifestyle and our freedom, if we let them grow stronger. People like Hitler, Osama bin Laden or Al Zarqawi must be stopped! It is our duty!

If we withdraw our troops we have NO GUARANTEE that our three brothers will be free! And if we accept the terrorists demands it means they are stronger then us! It means their way works and they can rule the world in this manner: kidnappings, blackmail, executions, blood and no mercy!

I and we can not accept this!
If we accept and bend our heads down now, we will always accept anything!

As some romanian proverb 'say': “The head that is one sided' (atilt) can not be cut by sword… ” but CAN NOT SEE THE SUN EITHER! I would say...

Can we afford to be on our knees know?

WE CAN NOT ACCEPT NOW what some soul-less terrorists demand and nobody should accept such demands if we believe in freedom and justice!

But how can we explain this to the families of the three journalists? How can we live with the idea that they died and maybe we could rescued them…

There is no answer. Only tragedy…and HOPE!

Let’s pray for them! Let’s pray they will come back home alive!


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