Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Vodafone bought Connex...

Vodafone today announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary Vodafone International Holdings B.V. has entered into agreements with Telesystem International Wireless Inc. ("TIW") of Canada to acquire approximately:

* 79% of the share capital of MobiFon S.A. ("MobiFon") in Romania. This will increase Vodafone and its subsidiaries' ("Vodafone Group") ownership in MobiFon to approximately 99%; and,
* 100% of the share capital of Oskar Mobil a.s. ("Oskar") in the Czech Republic

for a cash consideration of approximately US$3.5 billion (1.8 billion pounds Sterling) to be satisfied from Vodafone Group's cash resources. In addition, Vodafone Group will be assuming approximately US$0.9 billion (0.5 billion pounds) of net debt.

Commenting on the acquisitions, Arun Sarin, Chief Executive of Vodafone, said:

"I am delighted that MobiFon and Oskar, both fast growing mobile operators, will become part of Vodafone, where they will benefit fully from the global services and scale benefits that our group can deliver. These acquisitions will create value for our shareholders and will be good for our customers. They are also consistent with our stated strategy of increasing investment in Central and Eastern Europe."

I am curious if the recent Rebranding of Connex was made with the clear thought that ‘Connex is going to be sold this year’

I sincerely recommend you this post made by a good friend of mine, a future romanian branding guru, Andrei Iordache, on his blog

Here you can read some of my comments about the Connex Rebranding…just a few weeks before.

So, finally Vodafone bought Connex...
And I sure hope that this acquisition will change some things in the Connex offer and services.

What do you think… Vodafone will keep the Connex brand as it is, they will improve and refresh it or they will actually change it?!

The average Romanian, the 'average un-informed connex client', will know that Vodafone bought Mobifon and the Connex brand from TIW or not? There will be a big scale 'communication campaign' or not?

Should we expect some promotional services and offers?

I am so sure that more than half of the Connex clients didn’t understand exactly the difference between Connex and Mobifon and had no idea that Mobifon is owned by TIW...
What changes should we expect now?

Is the new 'Connex Green going' to be replaced with the world recognized Vodafone red?

What will be Orange's answer?

And what about the Management? Will Ted remain the 'main man' or Vodafone will send in Bucharest a new 'boss'? Anyway, Congrats Ted!

You are welcomed to find out more and comment here.

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