Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Building Your Personal Brand!

This Wednesday I will attend an event that was born from the need of the Romanian students to be well prepared for their personal and professional development after their graduation. We invite you at the Expeditie in HR event for a very interactive lecture, or better said for a mind challenging discussion, this Wednesday at 13:00 hours. I was glad to find out that Andy Szekely will also be there.

Reading the event agenda I have understood that Wednesday is a day dedicated to… “PERSONAL BRAND” – how can you build a personal brand and what are your personal development needs in order to become the person you want to be.

Well, in the beginning it’s very important to know what you really want and to have a clear image about what you want to happen in and with your life. In order to fulfill your dream, first of all you must have one.

Brands are like people who know who they are and where they are heading, as Andrei said, and of course in order to have a personal brand you must understand who you are now, in this very moment and who you hope to become in the future…where you are heading and why.

So, once in a while, forget about your needless day to day worries and frustrations and start dreaming. Let yourself picture in your mind a better future and a better… ‘you’!

Since we are talking about Personal Brands – both in this article and in the Wednesday event - maybe it will be interesting for you to know something about me.

My name is Cristian C. FRANCU.

I am a 26 years old, open-minded, motivated, ambitious, energetic young Romanian, an entrepreneur who knows that together we are stronger. And only together we can change and develop our businesses, our community and our country from the economical, political, social and cultural points of view. But changing our country means changing ourselves in the beginning. In life we can not change the world but we CAN change ourselves... Leadership begins with yourself as an individual!

I am an Academy of Economic Studies Graduate and Alumnus and I was a proud member of the VIP -Volunteers for Ideas and Projects organization.

I was HR Manager and then President of VIP, and now I am a member in the VIP Board of Directors.
In the last 5 years I worked as Travel Agent, as an Advertising Manager or as Project Manager with Kondiment Solutions.

Now I am the Managing Partner of a new travel agency called KleverTravel.
Also, I am a MindSmith Partner and Trainer and I hope I'll become a well-known and recognized Personal and Executive Coach someday.

I set myself the goal to become a millionaire in dollars - for what it will make of me to achieve it. Not for the money but for the person I’ll become fighting to achieve my dream, for the people I’ll meet, for the lessons I’ll learn, for the ‘mussels’ I’ll develop…

The money are not an objective! They are just a 'tool'.

Becoming a success story myself, helping others - the clients, the partners, my trainees, my colleagues and friends to improve their performance and to achieve their goals and their dreams, I feel that I can help myself, my family, my organization, my community and Romania progress.

I am sure that we can change something only as a network and not as lonely separate islands of new ideas, enthusiasm and progress.

Leading by example, bringing new visions and following others' ideas if these are better, getting involved and remaining involved in the non-profit sector, 'Performing my Magic' in the Tourism and in the Training and Coaching industry, building successful human beings, building teams and organizations and fighting with a performing enthusiasm to implement the most challenging projects, believing in my most daring dreams until the end, focusing on the solutions and not on the problems, thinking and acting proactively, transforming difficulties into opportunities that's how I plan to help myself , my organization and my country develop.

I am so sure that Success is not to be pursued or chase; it is to be attracted by the person you become… Attracted by your PERSONAL BRAND!

If you'll always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!
I want to provoke you…
Start dreaming and stop complaining! Take charge of your life! Sky is the limit - we just have to learn to Perform Our MAGIC!

That's who I am and that's why I am so happy to meet you in trainings or in events such as “Expeditie in HR”/”Expedition in HR”

I am 'alive' and I want to be the change I want around me! And I am sure that you have a powerful story and a powerful Personal Brand waiting to emerge from your deepest dreams.

I am sure that life is consistently testing us for our level of commitment and for our determination to achieve our goals and dreams.

I am sure that the life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment and determination, great passion and adaptability, and the will to act proactively until they succeed. This kind of proactivity, commitment and determination can move mountains if it's constant and consistent.

So…building a Personal Brand…it’s up to you! A Journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step…so go ahead and make it! Start building your Personal Brand! You only have to discover, enjoy and Perform Your Magic.

Cristian C. Francu

:: Architect of Bridges between Souls ::

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