Friday, February 25, 2005

The ‘spirit’ of the Champions… and Steaua Bucuresti

The former champions of Europe’ – that’s how the international press refers to Steaua Bucuresti...

I am sure that you all know that yesterday, February 24 2005, Steaua Bucuresti eliminated Valencia - the number one team in the world in 2004 and the last year UEFA Cup winners.

After a great match, yesterday, (exactly 18 years after Steaua – the 1986 Champions of Europe -won the Europe SuperCup, defeating Dinamo Kiev in February 24 1987) Steaua proved once more to be the number one soccer (football) team in Romania.

I am happy not just for the result but especially for the dedication, ambition, courage and talent I saw in the yesterday’s match.
Maybe for the fabulous bonus promised by Gigi Becali (around 100.000 USD per player), maybe for their own ego, for the eyes of the international agents, for the fantastic supporters, for the team or for all of them, I saw yesterday one of the most dedicated and ambitious Romanian sport team ever. They were fighters who believed in their chances until the end, ready to die for it on the field.

That’s the spirit!

That’s the Steaua I want to see, love and admire.
(One good friend of mine, Liviu D. dreamed to buy Steaua Bucuresti in the future in order to inspire and impose this spirit in the team...)

In the general enthusiasm, I dare to assume that yesterday’s victory wasn’t an accident or some ‘wonder’ but a new beginning!

I dare to hope that Andrei Cristea, Oprita, Mirel Radoi, Ghionea, Paraschiv, Dica, Dinita, Ogararu, Bostina, Marin, Lovin, Hamutowsky and all the others 'red-blue' ('ros-albastri') team-mates, are the future stars of the Romanian football (and like the supporters shouted in the University Square last night:’ Romania- Steaua, Europa-Steaua’) of the European football.

‘The former champions of Europe’ – might become the future Champions of Europe if they believe in their chance and fight for it like they did last night on Ghencea.

Yesterday Steaua slipped through European giants into the European spring. I hope they will not stop here, and I hope that Villarreal is Steaua’s next Spanish ‘victim’


I received a 'special message' on yahoo messenger today:

It seems that Borcea, one of the rival Dinamo Bucuresti leaders said that if Steaua will qualify and defeat Valencia he will kill himself. I wish him luck, love, peace and a happy life!
Live and let live, man!

As, my friend Razvan Ceapa wrote from the States on his blog:

I think we all should become "stelisti" for the next month. We should forget about Petrolul (sic - that's my team), Dinamo,Rapid, Craiova etc and be Romanian supporters. If we had any satisfaction from footbal between 1986 and now, I think we owe it to Steaua and to Romanian football that we rally together as we did many times before and say: "HAIDE STEAUA!"

Let’s Perform our Magic, let’s aim high, let’s shoot for the starts in life, business, career and sport... and let's rally together with our great soccer (football) team.

I promisse to give a beer for every PYM reader who will watch with me in Sport Spirit, Steaua Bucuresti playing the UEFA CUP final… ;-)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

PYM Updates and the SEX ID test

I am back and kicking…

My job needs 110% of my attention, energy and enthusiasm for the moment. That’s why my updates for the PYM blog are so rare this period.

Sometimes ‘silence’ can tell more than any word…and sometimes 'silence is golden'… even in the blogosphere! ;-)
Take it - my period of absence form the wonderful blogging world - like another ‘tool’ for successful people: Sometimes you have to FOCUS on your job and on your tasks to achieve great results…

For you, the PYM blog readers that mailed me and asked me what happened and when I plan to post new articles…
Thank you guys for your interest in this blog and for your nice words!

This blog is designed for you!
That's why I decided to post something today.
Here is something interesting and useful for you:

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And, some say that men can not understand women…;-) And this can be 'a word of wisdom' also…

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Perform your Magic my friends.

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