Friday, March 31, 2006

RAPID vs STEAUA (take 1)

They are not sleeping... they are fighting... with passion and dedication... RAPID vs STEAUA... RAPID BUCURESTI vs STEAUA BUCURESTI... the two Romanian teams from Bucharest who fight for a place in the UEFA Semi-Finals...

Tonight, in the first match of the UEFA Quarterfinals it was 1-1!

We will know which team will qualify in the UEFA Semi-Final only after the next Thursday match. Steaua must not loose in order to qualify!

Steaua dominated the first half of the game while Rapid dominated the second.

It was a beautiful match...and ‘the show’ on the stadium was fantastic. The fans and the galleries made a great and unique atmosphere on Giulesti.

Both the referee and the UEFA observer wanted to have pictures with the Romanian crowd in Giulesti. Both Rapid’s and Steaua’s ‘Galleries’ proved that we, the Romanian football fans… are true fanatics but we are not racists and we are not hooligans...

No violence, no problems, only good quality football at this ‘expected huge risk match’.

...and BANEL scored again! BANEL JARDEL NICOLITA rulz! ;-) Nobody can stop him:

The true Match of the millennium, the Romanian dreamed 'UEFA final' will take place next THURSDAY, on the National Stadium (Lia MAnoliu).

Unfortunately, Steaua will not play ‘at home’ on Ghencea…but the Romanians disserved a true ROMANIAN FINAL, on the biggest football stadium in Romania.


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