Friday, March 17, 2006


Piata Universitatii/University Square in Bucharest, last night:

After 20 years, Steaua Bucuresti made history in Sevilia…

Nothing could have happened to Steaua yesterday…Not in Seville and not when the Giants from the legendary 1986 squad were there…

Carlos, who was magnific yesterday, was not alone…Duckadam was there beside him…And Lacatus was fighting the spanish beside Ogararu, Iovan was running beside Banel and I am sure that Bumbescu, Majearu, Tudorel Stoica and everyone of them felt the punch of Joaquin the same moment as Dica... The heroes from Sevilia ’86 were back on their crime scene… And their giant footsteps were still there...

Steaua loves Seville and Seville seems to love Steaua…

The Class of ’06 made the class of ’86 proud… And made us all proud...

Of course Steaua was sometimes ’luky’ yesterday…but it was a well-diserved luck…and Steaua 'fought like hell' yesterday…

The first goal of Banel “Jardel” Nicolita was 'built' on a pure fight, on passion and on inspiration… And this was the match of his career for Oli (Cosmin Olaroiu – The young Coach of Steaua)

Many fans expected the players to…’die’ there on the field… Emrich Jenei, the coach of 1986 told the class of 2006 something so deep and so true:

“Everybody’s expecting you guys to die on the field…I tell you this: go there and LIVE ON THE FILED”…



And Piata Universitatii/The University Square in Bucharest was again bloked and full with 15.000 fans:

Today…we know that STEAUA will meet RAPID in the quarter-finals…STEAUA vs RAPID, two of the best romanian football teams…confrunting eachother in the UEFA Cup Quarter-Finals…in Bucharest!

This will be our TRUE FINAL… And one Romanian Team will reach the Semi-Finals and we hope that, Steaua or Rapid...will bring back in Bucharest the UEFA trophy!

But one thing is sure: one Romanian Team will play the UEFA Cup SemiFinals...May the best team win!

And I sincerely hope it will be the MAGICA STEAUA!

And now let's remember the goals:

Radoi-> Nicolita, Steaua – Betis 1-0

Dica ->Iacob, Steaua – Betis 2-0

And look at Banel Jardel Nicolita scorring the third goal (his second goal)

(…remember the Betis fans crying – you may only imagine what will happen in Bucharest after the second match between Steaua and Rapid… )

How will we be able to watch the matches in Pubs and Bars?!…some of us will be happy and some will be inevitable sad…

But until then... let’s remember the celebration after the Match, and lets remember once again the Titans form 1986:

And what were the odds for Rapid vs Steaua!?!? ...this is both insane and fantastic. Wouldn't be wonderful to bring back to Bucharest the UEFA Trophy from Eindhoven?

And I can't wait to see our new National Team at work... The best players from Steaua, Rapid, Dinamo...+ Mutu, Chivu and some other brilliant romanian players who Perform their Magic all over the world... we
come! And this time we're goin' to 'teach you a football lesson'! ;-) (When I am thginking of Holland I am thinking both at their National Team and ... at Eindhoven - the UEFA Final host-city)

And ...ROMANIA is now NUMBER 1 in EUROPE! CLICK Here for the proof!
Maybe the italians will come first, but I bet we'll stay in the TOP 3!

Steaua or Rapid (I'm betting on Steaua) will play... in the Semifinal with the winner between FC Basel 1893 (SUI) v Middlesbrough FC (ENG). I bet on those two SemiFinals:

STEAUA Bucuresti - Middlesbrough FC


And I'd love a STEAUA - SCHALKE 04 Final on May 10 in Eindhoven... Can't wait for the Bucharest Celebration on May 11...;-)

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