Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Cristian C. Francu's Biography

  • Consulting & Training Experience

    MindSmith.Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Educator, Personal Coach
    Responsibilities include public and private sector training and consulting, professional speaking and guest lecturing.

    Urban ClimbingTrainer and Facilitator
    Responsibilities include public and private sector training and team building.

    Event HorizonTeam Building Facilitator
    Responsibilities include public and private sector team building and consulting.

    VIP Volunteers for Ideas and ProjectsHR Manager
    Responsibilities include recruiting & training activities. Motivating and appraising.

    Topics and trainings:

    “Follow your dreams– The Power within you”
    “Performing your Magic – from energy 2 success”
    “KTB – Kondiment Team Building”
    “Team Building Camp”
    “Leadership – everybody’s business”
    “Failure or Success - Focusing on the solutions”
    “How do you handle fear”
    “Discovering Yourself – the NLP aproach” “From motivation 2 enthusiasm – the journey towards success”
    “What leaders realy do”
    “Selecting and Recruiting”
    “The 360° Feed-Back”
    “VIP Team Building Camp” – outdoor & indoor event”
    “Great Groups-Great Missions”
    “The Vision Camp”
    “Keep the spirit alive”
    “Presentation Skills”
    “Public Speaking”
    “Business ethics”
    “Emotional Intelligence”
    “Consultative sales”


    “VIP – Volunteers for Ideas and Projects”
    “CST Pas Intins”
    “Mentor Grup”
    “Kondiment Solutions”
    “Urban Climbing”
    “CHF Romania”
    “Personal Development School”
    “BOS Romania”
    “Univers Publishing House”
    “Klever Travel”
    “Scouts Romania”
    “Assertive Solutions”
    “Business Club”
    “SEC Romania”
    “Romania in 21st Century Summer School”
    “Chiar poti” program
    “Classic Bar Team”
    “Open Courses on Career & Personal Development”


    Kondiment Solutions, number of employees: 30
    October 2003 - Present
    Project Manager
    • Implementation, launching and development of a Travel Portal.
    • Sales, PR, Branding & Business Development, HR

    Major Achievement:
    Cristian has developed one of the most reliable Romanian providers of online travel services, the first choice online travel provider when traveling to Romania for more foreign partners.
    He developed the brand and the brand Identity of He closed partnerships with the best travel services providers in Romania.

    MindSmith , number of employees: 5
    December 2003 - Present
    MindSmith Trainer, Personal Development Educator, Public & Motivational Speaker and Personal Coach
    Development and presentation of training programs consulting, professional speaking and guest lecturing.

    Major Achievement:
    The “KTB – Kondiment Team Building”, “The VIP Team Building Camp”, ”The CHF Retreat” - a team building program for 80 people programs & “The Personal Development School”, “Leadership”, “From Motivation 2 Enthusiasm – the journey towards success” programs. The trainees gave Cristi a sensational positive feed-back.

    Univers Publishing House, number of employees: 8
    June 2003 - September 2003
    Advertising Manager
    Coordinating the sales of advertising space in 2 American Science Magazines –“Scientific American” and “Discover Magazine

    Major Achievement:
    Cristian developed a new coherent sales strategy. He closed new partnership and a special barter deal.

    VIP - Voluntari pt Idei si Proiecte, number of employees: 55

    September 2003 - Present
    Chairman of the VIP Board of Directors & Alumni Coordinator
    •Leading and organizing the Board meetings
    •Coordinating the VIP Alumni Network

    June 2002 - August 2003
    • Coordinating the activity of VIP’s departments – Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations and Finance
    • Coordinating the projects and the project managers
    • Coordinating the relation between VIP and its Clubs
    • Assuring the financial stability and legal continuity of VIP

    February 2002 - July 2002
    Project Manager of ROMANIA IN THE XXIst CENTURY Summer School
    • Coordinating the activity of 13 people involved in this project.
    • Coordinating the Sales, Marketing and PR campaigns.
    • Inviting top Romanian leaders to this event

    July 2001 - July 2002
    HR Manager
    • Coordinating of recruiting & training activities. Motivating and appraising.
    • Providing leadership and a competitive advantage in these areas.
    • Member of the VIP Executive Board

    September 2000 - September 2001
    Marketing Officer
    • Adding value to our brand
    • Assuring brand awareness and a strong positioning of our projects and clubs

    Major Achievement:
    Cristian assured the financial stability and the legal continuity of VIP in a ‘rough‘ period with many cash flow and personnel problems. He organized and coordinated one of the most successful editions of the "Romania in the 21 Century" Summer School. He developed the organization’s Clubs. He coordinated a recruitment process with more than 600 applicants. Cristi represented and promoted VIP in two national TV shows. He developed a complex training program for the new members and a new assessment procedure.

    March 2000
    "Youths Tourism Fair” Project Manager

    Cristian has organized and coordinated one of the most successful edition of the only Students Tourism Fair in Bucharest


    October 1999-September 2003
    Academy of Economic Studies - Bucharest
    Faculty of Commerce,
    Tourism and Services Management
    - Graduate with diploma - Bachelor Degree - mark 10

    Over the for years as a student at the Academy of Economic Studies Cristian has successfully combined studying marketing and management in the field of Tourism and Services with a continuous need to improve his knowledge of marketing & sales management, HR and PR, both from theory and practice, and also to develop extracurricular activities and internships. He always managed to be in the Top 10% of his class and his Diploma Thesis: “Leadership – the competitive advantage of the companies in the 21 Century” was the starting point of his soon to be published first book.

    September 1995-September 1999
    "Jean Monnet” Theoretical High School - Bucharest
    - Graduate with diploma - Baccalaureate Diploma - mark 9,21


    Cristian C. Francu won the 1st Prize at the Communication Olympics organized by Ethos and Orange Romania.

    He has been appointed as a honorific President of the “Pas Intins” Tourism Club and he is a member of the “Romania in the 21st Century” Community

    Cristian is also a member in the GlaxoSmithKline Business School Alumni, HR School Alumni, VIP Alumni & ASE Alumni associations.

    He is fluent in romanian as a native speaker and in english.

    Cristian C. Francu’s Guarantee:
    “I will customize my presentations, consulting, and training programs to meet the exact needs and expectations of my customers. I will continually improve my teaching to reflect the highest knowledge available to enable the development of the full potential of each individual and company I serve.
    My mission is to inspire, motivate, train, teach and coach others helping them to build their own success stories Performing their Magic, and to support companies in their path towards excellence helping them to become 'built to last organizations'.
    On the long-term, I set myself the goal to become a millionaire in dollars for what it will make of me to achieve it.
    I am sure that life is consistently testing us for our level of commitment and for our determination to achieve our goals and dreams. I am sure that the life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment and determination, great passion and adaptability, and the will to act proactively until they succeed. This kind of proactivity, commitment and determination can move mountains if it’s constant and consistent. That’s why a Training Program is only a starting point on the path towards excellence. After that we only have to Perform our Magic”

    Cristian C. FRANCU
    “Sky is the limit! Just PERFORM YOUR MAGIC!”

    MindSmith Trainer
    Personal Development Educator
    Public & Motivational Speaker
    Personal Coach
    Phone/Fax: +4
    GSM: +4 0723.540.139

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