Wednesday, February 23, 2005

PYM Updates and the SEX ID test

I am back and kicking…

My job needs 110% of my attention, energy and enthusiasm for the moment. That’s why my updates for the PYM blog are so rare this period.

Sometimes ‘silence’ can tell more than any word…and sometimes 'silence is golden'… even in the blogosphere! ;-)
Take it - my period of absence form the wonderful blogging world - like another ‘tool’ for successful people: Sometimes you have to FOCUS on your job and on your tasks to achieve great results…

For you, the PYM blog readers that mailed me and asked me what happened and when I plan to post new articles…
Thank you guys for your interest in this blog and for your nice words!

This blog is designed for you!
That's why I decided to post something today.
Here is something interesting and useful for you:

Some researchers say that men can have 'women's brains' and that women can think more like men. That can be true…;-)
And, some say that men can not understand women…;-) And this can be 'a word of wisdom' also…

Are you interested to find out more about 'brain sex' differences?
My suggestion for you is to take the Sex ID test, a groundbreaking experiment designed by a team of top psychologists…

Click here for your chance to:
Pit your wits against visual challenges.
Get a brain sex profile and find out if you think like a man or a woman.
See how your results relate to theories about brain sex.
Contribute anonymously to a future BBC television programme.
Perform your Magic my friends.

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