Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ain’t this guy an ass-whole? Or not?


Because you risk to make an ASS of U and ME! ;-)

Cool ad, very clever idea...

And the Music…”Son of a preacher man”Janis Joplin… a great choice!

I love the video!

And I’dd love to have this guy around…24/7 ;-)

Understanding others, listening, using all of our senses, helping others, trusting our feelings and sometimes our forefeeling, using ‘the force’…Performing Our Magic! This is the way!

And more than that…sometimes helping others might mean 'hurting' them…or there better said...there are moments in life when you must make fast decisions and sometimes it is impossible to explain or to reason with somebody if the action must be fast or it would be in vain…

And of course we can discover here the concept of ‘good intentions’ - No matter the act, what matters is the intention behind it!

That’s why I love this video…because it is so well made, it has a cool idea and it makes you think and reflect about life… and about the little choices we make every second…Any small choice can change our life forever…(Remember ‘Vanilla Sky’ with Tom Cruise…)

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Anonymous Swede said...

Hehe, neat. =)

6:11 PM  
Anonymous joe said...

yeah this is good..!!

9:54 AM  

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