Friday, March 10, 2006

Take a note!


Since you are reading this blog it means you'll understand this post...and I guess you will agree with it! ;-)

Every note, every scribble, every post and every blog is a wondow into someone's life!

There is always a man and a story behind everyone!
There is always a story behind every blog and every post...

The written word is personal, powerful, inspirational, interesting, and insightful.

Staedtler wants to keep it that way!

Here you can write a handwritten note online, write a note on paper using your keyboards and send it in an envelope with a simple clik of your mouse.

Click here to write a note to yourself, to a friend or even to a stranger! If you live in will be delivered in a paper envelope at your address.

If you don't live in Australia...maybe you will enter the Gallery.

Anyways...keep writing!

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