Sunday, January 29, 2006

A dog killed a man in the city center of Bucharest!

I am outraged.

A ‘stray’ street dog killed a Japanese business man in downtown Bucharest. In January 2006!

In the very city center, in the Victoriei Square, near the Victoriei Palace – the Romanian Government HQs – so in the ‘downtown’ of Bucharest, a dog bit a man this Saturday. And the man scrambled in agony 30 meters to get home.

The ‘dammed dog’ bit the man's calf and thighs and unfortunately he managed to cope his artery. The Japanese citizen, age 68, who was the President of the Nippon-Romanian Association, lost a lot of blood. And he died in the hospital this Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Razvan Murgeanu, the Bucharest’s Vice-Mayor said that there must be taken ‘radical measures’ to take the stray dogs from the streets.

More than that, the law must be modified. I love dogs, I can not be accused that I hate dogs, but this is outrageous. If I have to choose between a man’s life or a dog’s life I choose without any doubt the man’s life. So this kind of dogs should be…’put to sleep’…

If a dog has an owner his owner must accept some responsibilities also…
If an ‘owned’ dog is free and bites somebody…or could bite somebody…the owner must be fined.
I remember that a few years ago more Romanian kids were injured by attacks from dangerous dogs… And some dog breeds were prohibitted...

And if a dog has no owner and nobody wants, can and/or will take care of the dog…I must say…there are always 'painless euthanasia methods'…

A Man died today, attacked by a street dog in Bucharest!

And when our President, Mr Traian Basescu, when he was the Mayor of Bucharest, started a campaign to gather and maybe kill some of the dangerous street dogs of Bucharest, many hated him for that and many tried to stop him, his campaign and and the dog catchers teams.

Brigitte Bardot came to Romania to persuade Mr Basescu to let the dogs live.

OK…but Live and let Live!

If a Man died, we must do something and avoid a next 'deadly encounter between a man and a street dog'…

A dog that kills is not a domestic animal in my eyes…it is a wild dangerous creature that must be killed before it kills again!

And please don’t get me wrong! Please understand that I love dogs, I had dogs and I will have dogs as pets, friends and even…’family members’!

I hope the japanese citizen who died today will rest in peace! And for his family and friends…Please accept my sympathy and condolences! Maybe, in time, you will learn to forgive our authorities…!

Myself, as a Bucharest proud citizen, I am outraged! This must not happen again!

Interesting update:

As Alex Hanganu suggested... do we know for sure that the attacking dog was a street dog?
The answer is NO!

So...the dog that bit the Japanese business man, Mr. Hajime Hori, who was president of KOYO Romania, might have been a ‘trained’ dog?

Is the ‘homicide’ hypothesis out of question?

Mr. Hajime Hori was attacked and bit by the dog in courtyard of his office building near the Victoriei Square…not on the street as I suspected…

It seems that the only 'witness' of the incident was the doorman who observed Mr. Hajime Hori when it was to late…after he entered the building. All Mr. HajimeHori said was: "Cainele...Salvarea..."/"The dog...The Ambulance..."

KOYO Romania is a part of Koyo Seiko who also is a part of Toyota. It seems that KOYO Romania have ‘took up’ “Rulmentul Alexandria” in 2001 and signed an important contract with Honda.

Was there a stray dangerous street dog in the courtyard?

Was there a trained ‘killer’ dog?

Was there a free owned dangerous dog?

We don’t really know for sure!
Let’s wait for the Police investigation conclusions…

Either way…if it was a street dog or a 'cold bloodily' premeditative attack of a trained dog … this is something that must not happen again!

I’ll keep you updated!

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