Monday, May 09, 2005

YAHOO -1GB of storage free!

I am back...

And it seems so is Yahoo...especially it's well-known email service.

They offer 1GB of storage, free to all users.

I'd bet that without Google’s Gmail and their 1 GB, and now2 GB free, Yahoo wouldn’t have upgraded that much it’s free storage space.

That’s what competition is!

And…yes, you read it right. Yahoo! Mail now offers 1GB of free email storage.

More than that, when you get emails with photos you can take advantage of yahoo’s free, unlimited photos storage and save them by clicking on the "Save to Yahoo! Photos" link.

Google 'accustomed' us with creative new amazing tools and facilities both in the search and email internet services.

Now, Yahoo has a What’s new link… and we can expect more from them also…

Long live the Giants' competition and the interactive internet services.

As a client, I can’t wait the fight between ORANGE and VODAFONE in Romania…

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