Monday, November 01, 2004

BUSH, KERRY & Dracula

BUSH & CARY... US president wanna bees...;-) and more! They are also distant cousins...and more...

President Bush and John Kerry are not only distant cousins -- they can be traced back to Count Dracula.

That's according to Provo's reputable genealogical research company MyFamily-dot-com.

The search firm says both presidential candidates are loosely related through as many as 34 generations to the man who became known as Count Dracula!

He was born in 1431 as Prince Vlad the third, and he ruled southern Romania for a time.

MyFamily-dot-com says it showed the bloodthirsty warlord's connection to modern times have a little fun before Halloween.
But the company insists it's NOT making this up -- Bush and Kerry and thousands of others descended from County Dracula's family.
Of course,

If researchers could trace back relations to the dawn of human history, they could show that everybody's related to everybody... ;-) and that we all are the image of our Creator...

Just for fum and thinking about the election day tommorow.

If you have the time, please post a comment: IF YOU WOULD BE AN U.S. CITIZIEN, who would you vote for?

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