Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gigi Becali in an incredibe explicit, dirty, obscene 'recital' of curses 'against' Mr Voiculescu, Mr. Oancea and Antena 1

This is about an incredible audio file (mp3)…in the Romanian language.

If you don’t understand Romanian don’t try to listen. You are really not missing anything interesting!

If you understand Romanian think twice before you try to listen this mp3 audio…

It is 18 + …only for readers over 18 years old who are not offended by violent, dirty language, oaths and curses.

WARNING – the audio file might be shocking and it is forbidden for readers under 18 years old or for sensible people.

This sounds incredible and grotesque at the same time… I wondered if I should post this on the PYM blog.

But, since I used to give Gigi Becali some ‘credit’ and I used to hope that he will at least try to understand the world he is living in, learn from the others and become more civilized I decided that this is to ugly not to get public.

Gigi Becali, the owner of Steaua Bucuresti, a former candidate for the Romanian presidency, a small party leader and a wannabe Deputy in the Romanian Parliament answered a phone call from a Journalist from Antena 1 TV station...

For 5 minutes Becali cursed him, Mr Voiculescu, Mr. Oancea, their families and all the employees from Antena 1 in an incredible obscene language…Very explicit, very ‘porno’ sometimes…

HERE you can find the mp3 audio! from www.gsp.ro
Explicit dirty, obscene curses in an mind-blowing recital of Gigi Becali!

I am not a supporter of Mr Voiculescu, I do not know who Mr Oancea is…but this is OUTREAGEAUS!

Gigi Becali…who is still one of the reachest Romanians must be stopped…If he is going to be prosecuted, arrested for any economical charges I don’t know and it is a 'business' of justice…

But he has gone too far!

I love STEAUA BUCURESTI…I appreciate what Gigi Becali has done for the football (soccer) team but enough is enough Gigi!

Sometimes I think that he has a big heart, sometimes I do think that he really has good intentions…but moments like this… make him a pitiful, execrable, lousy and abject human being.

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